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Adding a Subnet to a Nexus/UCS/VMware Environment

So, this was a fun exercise. It started when I was trying to build a few Server 2012 Lab machines to do some testing on. We realized that we were running out of IP addresses for our server vlans, so I was tasked to create a new vlan and subnet specifically for testing and labs. […]

Make UCS Even Better With Powershell

I try to use Powershell whenever I can. It’s been a huge step in the right direction for Microsoft, and it’s made a lot of sysadmins feel more comfortable managing and automating larger environments. So, when our UCS vendor told me about the Powershell module that Cisco provides to manage UCS, I was practically salivating. […]

SAN-SAN Migration Using Windows Host-Based Mirroring

We’ve been using IBM XIV for SAN storage, and we’ve hit the end of our lease. We’re migrating over to EMC’s VNX platform, and there’s no good cheap way to do SAN-SAN mirroring between the two systems. At the same time, we’re replacing our IBM Bladecenters with Cisco UCS Chassis. So, we’re moving compute and storage […]