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Category Archives: Exchange

Exchange ActiveSync and iOS 7 (déjà vu)

I should have seen this one coming. When iOS 6 was released, we had issues with IIS resource hogging, and it looks like Apple is at it again. We’ve had intermittent outages for ActiveSync email clients, and it turns out iOS 7 may be the culprit. This is a Microsoft KB talking about issues with […]

Exchange TotalDeletedItemSize and how to tame it when it runs rampant

Exchange 2010 does a lot of activity in the background to ensure that you don’t permanently lose things that you didn’t mean to lose. Without going into the actual code of Exchange, suffice it to say that the steps it takes to do this can sometimes cause loops and create copies of inconsequential messages over […]

A Simple Powershell Script to Show RPC Connections to Exchange CAS Servers

I ran into to this when I was trying to shut down a CAS box to apply patches. We have two CAS servers in a Windows Load balanced Array, so the least disruptive way to kick everyone off a node so you can reboot it is to order a Drainstop on one node. This keeps […]

The iOS 6.1 Activesync Fiasco of 2013

Reports have started to materialize across the Internet that iOS 6.1 has a serious Activesync bug, causing certain calendar activity to cause redundant logging on the CAS server and quickly overwhelm storage space and CPU loads in a matter of days. While everyone’s pointing fingers, admins are trying to save their Exchange environments from buckling […]